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Moving to San fransisco- CPA job market?

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by edans

Concern by Girl-in-pink: Relocating to San fransisco- Certified Public Accountant job market?
Okay so my sisters and i have been intending to relocate to san fransisco probably around following year but i have been reviewing a great deal regarding how remarkably pricey it is. i must probably permit you understand that I am intending to take the Certified Public Accountant board prior to I relocate however I don’t understand if the work market is all right for accounting professionals in San Fransisco. (My level is a foreign level). About, just how much cash should i save just before also thinking about relocating? i live in the South now where the cost of living is fastidiously low-cost compared with SFO. Just how is the work market now in SFO?

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Response by Alloy Child
You should fing a work pretty rapidly with your Certified Public Accountant. If you and your sis are going to move just before you work then conserve as much as feasible just in case its does take a while to discover a task. S.F. is really costly, aim to reside in Oakland(Rockridge area) and simply take BART to work.

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