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online marketing advise
online marketing advise

Google Online Marketing Challenge

Learn all there is to know about online marketing is not easy without practical application of these theoretical concepts. This is the purpose behind the challenge of online marketing for Google. This competition is open to undergraduate and graduate only, designed to teach participants effective online marketing through meticulous marketing analysis.

Mechanical competition

The Google Online Marketing Challenge, participants are mainly optimize, manage and update their own Google AdWords campaign. The Participants are $ 200 to spend on Google AdWords advertising campaign online to the site of a particularly small and medium businesses that choose to join. For three weeks of racing teams optimize their campaigns as they see fit. Two reports, one detailing the initial campaign plans indicating how the campaign has ended, are presented as output.

The challenge is open to students of any educational institution higher. Student teams can have their teachers and counselors of the competition. Teachers to competition as a class is scheduled monitoring that the use of class time sufficient to cover the essentials of online marketing and introduce the technology of Google AdWords.

What is Google AdWords?

When the Google search results for the query of the user are relevant AdWords are displayed on the page as well. These ads are separated from search results and are labeled as “sponsored links”. These ads can be found on the high side and right of the Google results page.

AdWords is a great online marketing strategy. Marketers are challenged to design their own ads, for your business using the keywords that users often feel wanted. AdWords online marketing makes it easier for advertisers, because they have to provide key words to promote their business and offer products or services.

Evaluation Criteria

Teams are judged five different criteria for their AdWords campaigns. The five criteria are: the structure of accounts, optimization techniques, accounts and reports, performance and budget and finally the relevance. Using these criteria, the teams are divided into seven categories according to how they and their advertising they were in the jury deliberation.

AdWords Tips

AdWords campaigns can design effective initially seem like an easy task. However, it takes more than writing a good AdWords campaign for some importance. This is because in the world of online marketing strategies must be employed to be able to design effective ads.

A useful technique in designing an AdWords campaign with keywords that match the potential users of the exact phrase. The more keywords in an ad that matches to the sentence sought by Internet users is more likely that the announcement will be higher in particular a sponsored link.

A hand a great experience for students

The Google Online Marketing Challenge offers students an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the real world of online marketing. The challenge is a great place for students to apply theoretical concepts learned in class. It is also an excellent way for students to eventually help local companies improve their marketing effectiveness.

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