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Hi, I'm is a CPA marketing expert. In CPAMarketingAdvisor.com I' going to share all my secrets about CPA marketing & how to profiting with CPA offers

3 secrets to CPA marketing success

3 secrets to CPA marketing success


Can CPA marketing really be profitable? I have been making a living from CPA marketing for a while now and want to give you some advice about CPA marketing. I want to give you 3 peices of advice that will help you be successful in CPA marketing. When I started I was in debt up to my eye balls. If I didn’t do something about it i was in big trouble.

Some people are not sure what CPA is. I can tell you it is not about accounting. CPA is short for cost per acquisition. CPA networks look for advertisers to advertise their products on their networks where affiliates are waiting to promote those products for a commissions. The affiliates get paid a commission? Every time they generate a lead for the advertiser. Some types of advertisements are ringtones, colon cleansers, teeth whitening and more.

You will find CPA ads on most websites on the Internet. With so many ads on so many websites you would think someone is making money, right? On the other hand it could also be a very competitive market. To make sure your ads are being shown you will have to out bid you competitors and get your ad shown in front of your targeted audience at a low enough cost to make a good roi. I you haven’t done your research correctly you could stand to lose a lot of money very quickly. It is always best to have some knowledge about CPA marketing as this will help to avoid making costly mistakes, the best and fastest way to make a profits with CPA is pay per click marketing.

When I got started in CPA marketing I was working 10 hours a day for 12 days on my new campaigns. I had spent around 15k using my credit card paying for traffic, and I had made around 27k in total sales, which by the way is very good for any beginner. But there was a small problem because I had to get my check from the CPA networks so I could settle my credit card debt. I then had to put my campaigns on hold for 30 days while I waited for my check to come, which is ok but at the same time I still had to pay rent and put food on the table. At that point in time I was very excited about CPA marketing and at the moment I learnt on the 3 pearls of wisdom the lead me to success and that was focus. So what I did was I went to my email account and I unsubscribed to all the email list I was on and just focused on the one thing that was working for me and that was CPA marketing.

The top dogs in CPA marketing claim to make over $100K per day. Is that really true? It may be, but it may be hard to achieve those results on your own from your home office. They run campaigns on sophisticated software that is highly automated and optimized. Here is a little secret: you can access the very same software. A number of companies offer it, it is not expensive, but it seems nobody will tell you who they are or how to work with them. If you buy the software yourself it will cost around $250,000, but to just run a campaign is cheap and you can start with monthly budget as small as $500, which is next to nothing in ppc.

Very few marketers are even making $100K a month, but if your goal is to replace your job with an income of $10K per month, that is attainable and you can scale it up from there. But it takes time and effort to get the campaigns structured and implemented. That is the second thing: time x effort = work. This takes work. It is not rocket science and it beats answering to ‘the man’, but it requires work. You need to apply yourself. If you do, you can achieve your goals. By the way, before you start, write down your goals and your daily commitment to achieving them. Without this, 90% of people never achieve their goals and life goes on as before.

I recommend you should stick to it for a minimum of 7-8 weeks. You could see some cash straight away, it usually will take some time to get everything working right to see some major cash. If something is hard or gets in your way find away around it. You can search Google of visit forums but find away and move forward. That brings be to my 3rd point and that is determination, need help with a little HTML? Just visit our old friend Google because the answer is only at your fingertips.

3 secrets of success to earn a living with CPA marketing: focus, work, determination. It was not technical skills, although I have e learned quite a few, it was not a software, although I use software, and it was not learning web page design, HTML, php or anything else. Like all things in life, it took focus, work and determination. With all the answers literally at your fingertips, learn to use those fingers to make some money.

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