Accounting Degree/ CPA?

Accounting Degree/ CPA?

Concern by Purple: Bookkeeping Degree / CPA?
Can every one of the bookkeeping majors and the Cost Per Action’s tell me why I should significant in accountancy? I am respectable with numbers and I intend to major in accountancy because of the work protection. I listened to that you can’t obtain an excellent job in accountancy unless your a CPA? And I listened to that the Cost Per Action examination is way harder than bench test and that it simply has a 20 % pass rate! So if I were just to acquire a Bachelors in accounting … would I still have great work prospects and great work security? Or need to I think about majoring in Finance due to the fact that I listened to that you could earn more money and that its additional exciting. I would truly appreciate it an individual might make me with this!

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Answer by tro
really, what do you prefer to do? that need to be your criteria for deciding on a profession together with what you are most ideal fit to do
working towards a Certified Public Accountant is a lengthy procedure, great deals of college education and learning etc. and examining for the Cost Per Action examination which is supplied twice a year, and you could take as frequently as you like(and can afford it).
as soon as you pass, you have to deal with a Certified Public Accountant company for two years(internship).
then you could open your very own office, deal with somebody, get a job in a firm etc.
the pay is good by most specifications however in the down economic situation some business and independents have closed

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