Concern by maria: Anybody a CPA !?(Certified Public Accountant)?
fine so im an elderly in highschool and im thinking to come to be a Cost Per Action. Answer truthfully please!
1) is is an enjoyable and interesting job?

2) Are there alot of benefits?
3) Just how was the learning process for you?
4) if you are a cpa, can you work for the FBI? in order to do so, would you need to minor in something like criminal justice?
5) Exactly how long did it act like getting the bachelors degree?

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Solution by Xiao
1. It could be enjoyable and amazing if you get into the ideal sort of bookkeeping or auditing job.

2. & 3. I majored in accountancy, however waited a great deal of years prior to taking the CPA examination. I needed to go back and check out some accountancy text books and study questions and answers on previous Certified Public Accountant examinations. If you can take a Certified Public Accountant training training course, it would certainly be less complicated than the method I did it.
4. A small in criminal justice could be helpful, however I do not think it is needed.
5. I made no effort to end up being a Cost Per Action for over 10 years after I graduated with a BBA with 30 semester hrs of bookkeeping

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