Q&A: Please help..Career advice.abt CPA?

Q&A: Please help..Career advice.abt CPA?

Question by : Please help..Career advice.abt CPA?
Is CPA a good career?? And will there be any jobs available for CPA’s after like 5 years?? 10 points for the best answer! :)T

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Answer by Mike
CPA is a great job for people with the right personality. To be successful in any career, you need to find a job that fits you. So – the question is, would you make a good CPA?

First, are you curious? The #1 trait of a CPA is that you ask questions, you are innately curious. This is compared to a non-CPA accountant who typically only needs to know “What my jobs is”, because they simply prepare financial statements.

Second, do you handle frustration and boredom well? Accounting is not exactly the most exciting profession on Earth. Fully half the work I did when I was a CPA was reviewing documents, 20 hours a week of reading contracts, financial statements and tax law. You’ve got to have the right stomach for that.

Third – do you have the drive? To become a CPA, you need to complete a 150 semester hour college degree and pass what is considered the most difficult 2-day licensing exam on Earth. Only 2 in 10 people who start college with a goal to become a CPA succeed. Of course, those 2 in 10 are either naturally gifted, or have the right personality to make it through.

Job wise, the market is very good. While many lower-skill accounting jobs are likely to continue being replaced by computer programs and cheap overseas labor over the next 20 years, CPA’s won’t because they are the “people-people” in the accounting world. CPA’s provide interaction with managers, stockholders, regulators and anybody else. They are much like lawyers, helping people to navigate the procedural complexity of modern business.

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