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Selective poster advertising

Poster printing is not just about mass audiences. A print poster is also a good way to target specific market demographics and promote your product, service or event. This kind of selective poster printing is usually used by businesses when they release a new product or service line aimed for those specific and profitable demographics. To make this kind of selective poster advertising work however, there are several things that you need to do first.
Identifying your target demographic:

The very first step is to determine and know the market consumer demographic that you want to reach. Know if they are male or female, young or old, their ethnicity, education, social class and of course their location and the cultural nuances that prevail in that location. You also have to understand their particular lingo and use of words, as well as the media that they usually consume. All of this information will be the key to creating a good and targeted design for your selective poster printing.

If you can, it is best to write out the characteristics of your target demographic so that you can better search for details about them. For example, you can narrow down your search for female, young, middle class teenagers. This means that you will be dealing with a market that is very dynamic, saturated by a lot of pop culture icons that use very specific youthful lingo. This should be the basis for your poster if that is your target market demographic.

Creating a suitable design:

So with your target identified, as was said above, you can now use the information as the basis for your poster design. Try to integrate the several concepts that bind the identity of your target demographic. Know what they extremely like in terms of these ideas, and of course mark the ones that they don’t like. These can be pop culture icons, words, emotions, products, services and social interactions. All of these will color your poster design. Capitalize on what they want to usually see and place that in your selective poster design. Leave off on the negative stuff that they don’t want.
So by using the example above, those young teenage girls may want, for example, to see cute guys like Zach Heffron. So why not make a selective poster that has a cute guy which promotes your product or service? This will maximize the impact of your color posters on that particular market demographic bringing you more exposure and hopefully sales as well.

Deploying your posters appropriately:

Lastly of course, once you have your designs printed out, is the deployment strategy for your selective posters. Since you do want to target only select types of people, your deployment for your posters should be where those people hang out. So if your targets are teenagers for example, then billboards and advertising areas near high schools are the best places to deploy. Also, malls and other youth themed places can also be part of your deployment strategy.
By using this selective strategy for poster printing, you can really get a lot of exposure for your products in your target market. You will increase your chances of sales from that demographic and you can of course form a nice specific consumer base for your products. So besides normal poster printing strategies, try to go for selective poster advertising if you can. It will be well worth the investment.

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