The Basics Of Cpa Marketing

The Basics Of Cpa Marketing

For the uninitiated, CPA means Cost-Per-Action and Cost-Per-Action Marketing means you will be paid for every visitor that performs an action on your website, (usually filling up forms) and thus becoming a lead for the company. If you haven’t already seen how CPA Marketing works, then you might have come across certain websites or ads on the internet that talk about this:

  • Survey Offers
  • Teeth Whitening Programs
  • Government Grants
  • Acai Berry Diet
  • Car Insurance Quotes
  • Gift Card Offers
  • Free Greeting Card
  • Weight Lost Programs
  • iPad giveaway
  • Ringtone downloads
  • Weight lost diets
  • any free trial product
  • and the list goes on…

And all of them mostly involves feeling up forms or putting in your personal details. Most of it does not involve paying a single cent or just paying for shipment. If all this rings a bell then you have seen how CPA marketing works.

You’ve most likely heard of CPC or Cost-Per-Click marketing which involves Google Adwords, Facebook ads, MSN adcentre and etc. One of the main problems with CPC marketing is that internet marketers pays for each click generated regardless if the “click” translates into a lead or into sales. And this means wasted dollars which most internet marketers will rather not pay.

CPA Marketing involves putting down your personal details and every completed form is a lead and most companies pay just for leads. This can range between 10 -20 dollars or even more for just a single lead! CPA marketing guarantees that every action is a lead because obviously you need to fill up a form which requires action. Action taken for this sort of marketing benefits not only the visitor but also you! You can make profits with almost any CPA marketing campaign that generates leads.

So if CPA marketing sounds so good, why is it that most marketers not do it?

I’m not sure of the real reason… but unlike any other forms of internet marketing campaign, CPA marketing involves signing up to a CPA network. You will also need to have a website or a blog that has something to do with internet marketing or businesses. If you don’t have it, then you might as well start having one now before you sign up otherwise they will most likely REJECT your application.

After signing up, they will scrutinize your details and will then decide if you are fit to be a CPA marketer. To make it short, CPA Networks have really NO TOLERANCE to “Newbies” So there is a level of expertise that is required before you can actually start your CPA marketing campaign. This weeds out the experienced from the beginners, the “looking ones” from the really committed ones.

You might ask, where do I sign up to be a CPA marketer?

There are a few reputable CPA networks where you can sign up. Some of them are in the list below:

  • AZN
  • Hydra
  • Lidango
  • Pepperjam Network
  • Neverblue
  • Clickbooth
  • PeerFly
  • AffiliateBot

These are some of the well known CPA networks around. Ok when I mean reputable, those up there works for some of the biggest companies in the world and some of those companies who own those websites are the fastest growing companies in the world too!

If you were to do a Google search, you might find more but I do suggest doing more research before picking a CPA network. As with everything about internet marketing, not everything is good out there 😉

So if you have already been successful with your application. You will be contacted by your CPA Affiliate Manager and then you can pick any CPA offer. From here, most internet marketing tactics you’ve used to help in you internet business would work here. I’m talking anything from landing pages, squeeze pages, CALL to Action! (this is probably the most important thing you should have) Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Keyword Research, CPA campaign ads etc.

Once you get the hang of it, don’t forget that one profitable CPA campaign is enough. Try experimenting on several CPA offers and work on it. It is better to have a few good ones then just one good CPA campaign to help you earn money from home.

So if you are game for CPA marketing and you want to start earning money from CPA marketing campaigns then take action now. Submit your application and good luck!


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