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Hi, I'm is a CPA marketing expert. In CPAMarketingAdvisor.com I' going to share all my secrets about CPA marketing & how to profiting with CPA offers

Zero Friction Marketing Review-CPA Marketing

Zero Friction Marketing Review-CPA Marketing

CPA networks are companies that work between advertisers and publishers. They host CPA offers from their advertisers and then have their publishers push the traffic to these CPA offers and take a percentage of the lead value.

CPA stands for “cost-per-action” offers where a user fills out a form or downloads software from an advertiser. These forms can range from a zip code submit,a single email submit to a much longer form with multiple fields.

CPA Networks generally payout anywhere from $0.25-$3.50 for a single email submit, to as high as $140 for a longer form, without even making a sale. This what the internet millionaire Saj P call it Zero Friction Marketing because you don’t need to sell products to make money online with this business model.

Applying to CPA networks requires an application process by each network. While some CPA networks are extremely easy to get into, it can be difficult to get into some of the major CPA networks if you are new to the CPA marketing game

Well, when applying to any CPA network, you need to avoid looking like a beginner, even if you are one! Generally speaking, CPA networks DO NOT want these sorts of people because their potential for earning money for the network is lower. As a result, you need to look and sound like an experienced marketer!

Many of the CPA networks require you to enter a website, so I’d recommend setting up your own professional looking website and email address, as this will help you get accepted. Also, make sure you choose a respectable email address with your business domain. DON’T use one of the free email providers such as Yahoo or Hotmail as the CPA networks are unlikely to take you seriously if you don’t even take the time to get the basics right.

They will want semi-new affiliates, so tell them that your Internet marketing experience is 2 years or more. They don’t want a ‘green’ marketer whose naivety and newbie tactics will reflect badly on the company.

Some CPA networks will call you upon registration and enquire as to whether you’re suitable. So then, now that you have a professional looking website and email address, don’t let yourself down when it comes to answering the phone! This needs to be done in a professional manner as well, so when (or if) the CPA network calls, make sure you answer it in a professional manner, giving your full name, and business name. Also, record a business-like voicemail message in case you miss the call.

If you still get rejected, don’t be discouraged as there are hundreds of other CPA networks that you can apply to. I suggest you make a phone call to the CPA network and sell yourself on the phone. Almost 90% of the time, a phone call will get you accepted into the CPA network.

Once you are accepted, you need to start driving traffic to your site as quickly as possible, as any big advertiser is certainly going to be looking at traffic statistics as one of the criteria by which they select the sites which they will work with and those that they will not.

When it come to traffic, people make a basic mistake… they think using Google is enough. It’s absolutely not. You’ve heard the stories of people losing their shirts with Google Adwords. In fact, there are other advertising networks out there that can be easier to use, cheaper and sometimes even more profitable than Google Adwords.

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This idea is completely different from the conventional advice you’ll read in the mainstream press. In fact, it’s highly unlikely you’ll hear about this idea anywhere else.

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