The Busy Person’s Content Marketing Action Plan

The Busy Person’s Content Marketing Action Plan

If you’re reading this article online right now — then you already understand the value and the reach of content marketing. You may also rabidly consume information online and see some of the same names time and again in your social circles. You may look at certain A-listers in your niche and wonder how on earthy they manage to find the time to produce and publish so much content — and therefore generate business, influence, and prestige.

Clients often come to me in near panic, feeling behind the curve on content marketing and with no idea about how to catch up. They watch their competitors publish new original content on a daily or weekly basis and use it to strengthen their social networks. They are ready and willing to get going, but wonder if it’s too late — and if it’s not too late, what exactly they need to do.

It is not too late. It is absolutely possible to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry with a calculated content marketing action plan.

Publishing Content in A Variety of Formats For Greater Search Engine and Social Visibility

Google is now showing all kinds of different types of content in its search results. Therefore, to increase your visibility, it makes sense to publish optimized content in different formats.

For my clients that are really serious about becoming a thought leader in their industry, I recommend creating and publishing content on the following authority sites on a monthly or bi-monthly basis:

HubPages (authority articles)
SlideShare (slideshows)
Scribd and Docstoc (articles, white papers, floor plans, flyers, anything visual)
Online PR News (press releases)
High quality article sites Biznik,, eZine Articles, Jazzou, etc. (articles)
Blog posts and guest blog posts

You may be thinking… that’s sounds great in theory, but there is no way I have the time to create all of that content on a regular basis!

As someone running two fast paced businesses, is a mother of two elementary school aged kids, enjoys travel, has commitments to several activities, and is very particular about producing quality content, I absolutely understand. But I promise, it can be done.

Next, I’ll explain exactly how I do this.

Repurpose Idea Themes To Create Different Types of Content

The list above is quite a long one — but if the content that you are publishing on each of these platforms has a common theme, you’re not forced to start from scratch with every single piece. While each piece of content will be unique from the others and repurposed to fit the format of the content type, you’ll have momentum if all of the pieces of content are of a common theme.

Start by writing a 1000-1500 word HubPage on a particular topic. The length of a good quality HubPage allows you to really flesh out many thoughts and ideas around the topic and gets your mind thinking about where you might want to expand with other pieces of supporting content.
Break the HubPage down into bullet points and add some supporting visuals to create a slideshow to publish on SlideShare.
Use your Slideshow as the basis of a screen cast demonstration to publish on YouTube. Even camera shy or don’t have video equipment, you can still create useful, informational screen casts with free or very inexpensive software tools.
Rewrite your Hubpage into a shorter 500-word version to publish on articles. You can rewrite the article to be niche specific to fit the audience of specific article publication targets.
Create a PDF version of your article and publish it on Scribd and Docstoc.
Write a press release about the content you’ve published and submit it on online press release distribution sites.

While each piece of content is unique, it is based on a similar theme. And while each of the six pieces of content is requires work, it is not as labor intensive as creating six entirely different pieces of content from the ground-up.

Promote Content on Your Social Networks

After you publish each piece of content, don’t be shy about promoting it on your social networks! Promoting your own content is absolutely ‘socially’ acceptable as long as you are also participating in other meaningful ways as well.

If you repeated this cycle each week, you’d have a new piece of original content to promote each day — with one to spare. Even if you repeated this cycle every month and a half, you’d have a new piece of content to promote each week. That’s a lot of content!

Not only does it give you something interesting to talk about to your social network, it helps you to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Having useful, valuable, relevant original content is share is more important than ever with the emergence of social media. If you’re only promoting the content of others all the time, they you may become an influencer, but not a thought leader.

Producing content on a regular basis is work — but it is also manageable. Try setting aside just one hour during some quite time each day and you’ll likely be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Little by little, bit by bit, it will be your name that others will see everywhere they look. They’ll wonder…. how do they have time to produce so much content!

Christine O’Kelly is the founder of the SEO copywriting firm SEO Content Solutions and the co-founder of the press release distribution site, Online PR News. Christine’s passion is helping small to midsized businesses create a dominant presence in the search engines.

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